Flexeserve® kidZone

  • Flexeserve® kidZone

    Unique & versatile food display unit

    Appeals to children of all ages

    Flexible merchandising solutions

    Displays ambient & refrigerated products

Increasing your revenue is child’s play 

The Flexeserve® kidZone  is a unique and versatile food display unit which allows you to display ambient and refrigerated products to appeal to children of all ages.

A flexible merchandising solution which suits all meal time options, you’ll see an increase in profits and return on your investment with each zone paying for itself within just 6 months of operation.


  • Versatile display options
  • Display ambient and refrigerated products to suit all meal time options
  • Designed for children to see and select their own meal options, enhancing their dining experience
  • Inviting packaging
  • Interchangeable menu headers
  • Removable acrylic compartments for ambient and chilled displays
  • Graphic options to create your own finish
  • Storage slots for packaging
  • Activity bags starter pack

How will it benefit me? 

  • Encourage families to eat at your premises
  • Increased revenue by captivating diners with a variety of appealing products
  • Maximised sales potential and vending options from temperature versatility
  • Customise your menu to appeal to children of all ages
  • Flexible display options for a variety of attractive food products

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