• In-store service

    We establish how to roll out your hot food-to-go.

    We help make your operation as efficient and effective as possible for your team. Jointly, we can develop processes for your hot food preparation and identify opportunities to increase batch cooking.

  • Technology

    Our patented Flexeserve Zone® makes it all happen!

    Our unique air-recirculation technology is unrivalled. The hold times that you can achieve with our unit can transform your business – it’s the only system capable of true hot-holding.

  • Product

    A product-first approach is key in hot-holding.

    From our Foodservice Innovation Centre and Development Kitchen, we create new products and entire menus that exceed consumer expectations.

  • Cook method

    We know you need to achieve the same results at every location.

    We’ll establish the best cook process for each food item, helping to maximise shelf-life to reduce waste and ensure your products last a whole day part.

  • Packaging

    Packaging plays a vital role in true hot-holding.

    Packaging allows you to create the right microclimate to preserve food quality. The most appropriate packaging is determined by product ingredients, desired customer experience and target shelf life.

A flexible foodservice solution tailored to you

Flexeserve® specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of industry-leading heated displays. Our team of in-house hot food-to-go experts work together with our customers to refine their proposition and deliver a complete solution.

Visit www.flexeserve.com

Our Foodservice Innovation Centre features the latest technology to aid new food product development as well as an in-house culinary team to assist you with every step. We help you optimise your menu, refine cook method and tailor the packaging to maximise shelf-life.


  • Concept design and development
  • 3D visualisation and environment generation
  • In-house manufacture of heated displays
  • Pioneering Flexeserve® technology
  • Global delivery and installation
  • Menu development and consultancy at our Foodservice Innovation Centre
  • Hot food to-go testing
  • Food validation services