Flexeserve Zone® to lead the global hot food-to-go revolution with new recruit

Last year, export sales of Flexeserve Zone® doubled and 2019 is set to go even further. To cope with demand, The Alan Nuttall Partnership has recruited an experienced Export Manager, Gary Barnabas.

To capitalise on the growth in hot food-to-go and the international interest in its Flexeserve Zone® product range, The Alan Nuttall Partnership has recruited an Export Manager for its Foodservice Solutions Division’s global sales infrastructure.

Gary Barnabas comes to The Alan Nuttall Partnership from IMC (Imperial Machine Company) part of The Middleby Corporation, where he’d been working for the past 10 years. Gary has worked in product areas such as kitchen ventilation, environmental waste management, bar and refrigeration, and vegetable preparation.

Running the UK and Export sales teams, he was instrumental in pushing the export areas of these businesses forward and developing sales in 115 countries with IKEA, amongst an impressive list of clients. This range and strength of experience made him an excellent choice for Nuttall’s, and Gary saw himself and Flexeserve Zone® as an ideal match too.

Gary said: “I was drawn to the Partnership and its Flexeserve Zone® for a number of reasons. Whilst it wasn’t a blank canvas, the export side of the business has plenty of scope to shape it and point things in the right direction.

“As I became more familiar with the equipment and the direction of the grab & go market, I saw what Flexeserve Zone® could achieve globally – with the right planning and support in place, of course!

“I also have to say, Jamie played a big role in my interest in the company. The enthusiasm he has for the product is infectious and most importantly, justified.”

Zones are flying off the shelves

Jamie Joyce, Chief Executive for Nuttall’s Foodservice Solutions Division, said: “Internationally, 2018 and the start of 2019 have been a huge success for Flexeserve Zone®. We have seen our export sales double and, after a string of exhibitions in some key international markets, we launched our latest product, the Countertop Rear Feed Flexeserve Zone®, at NAFEM ‘19.

“Flexeserve Zone® is globally patented and is the industry-leading hot-holding unit that can be purchased anywhere in the world. That’s why, as more regions embrace hot food-to-go and the unrivalled benefits of hot-holding in Flexeserve Zone®, our sales have grown so rapidly”.

The path ahead

Whilst there are a number of new international distributors in the pipeline for this year, with the recruitment of Gary, the rate of new export partners is expected to grow exponentially.

Gary continued: “We’re striking while the iron’s hot – and the strategy we are putting in place will continue to position Flexeserve Zone® as the global market leader.

“In addition to Europe, where we’ve already made great headway, we’re targeting areas such as the Gulf states, United States and South East Asia. In these regions, we are receiving great interest from prospective clients and developing support systems – such as our distributor network – which will help us to realise the opportunities ahead.”

For more information about Flexeserve Zone® hot food-to-go solutions and how we can help your business, please contact us.