Nuttall’s Foodservice Innovation Centre unveiled at lunch! 2015

Nuttalls Foodservice Innovation Centre by Interior fit-out specialist The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

Operators looking for hot food-to-go solutions can find out more about the new Foodservice Innovation Centre from The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd at this year’s lunch! show from 24-25 September at the Business Design Centre in London.

The pioneer of food display solutions has invested over £250K in the Foodservice Innovation Centre based in Leicestershire. The centre supports businesses striving to meet demand for food-to-go solutions using Nuttall’s award-winning Flexeserve Zone® energy-saving hot food display cabinet.

The centre features the latest technology to aid new food product development with a specialist in- house culinary team delivering services around food processes, food cooking and preparation, packaging and display. The team offers solutions from everything on sourcing the best ingredients to choosing the right packaging, with the chance to compare an array of different solutions.

Operators can see how this is done in practice at stand G11.

Led by Nuttall’s development chef, Warwick Wakefield, the Foodservice Innovation Centre team will be rustling up a whole array of hot food-to-go items, from breakfast bagels, lunchtime soups, rice pots, spaghetti and meatballs through to a variety of warm desserts. The team will demonstrate how even small changes to everything from the cooking processes to packaging can radically improve overall quality and eliminate waste.

Via a live screen at the stand, set up as a development kitchen, visitors will be able to see for themselves the impressive product quality and holding temperatures that can be achieved in the Flexeserve Zone® and sample the end results.

Warwick Wakefield comments:

The new Foodservice Innovation Centre taps into our team’s vast technical and commercial expertise to take a client’s hot food idea from concept development to reality or improve on an existing product range and process. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits of this exciting, new service at lunch!

Consumers are eating out more often and choosing self-service food as a fast, convenient and affordable solution. This is an attractive proposition for operators as it requires less overhead to manage the offer. Hot food-to-go is therefore continuing to experience rapid growth.

Competition is tough and operators have to stay ahead of the game, delivering ongoing innovation to meet growing consumer expectations. This can mean operators holding a variety of hot food items within optimum conditions not just for one hour, but for up to four hours within the Flexeserve Zone®, which is no mean feat.

With clients including Costa, Sainsbury’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Asda, Pret a Manger, Pizza Hut, Greggs and Crussh, the service expands on Nuttalls’ reputation as a leading manufacturer of food display equipment merchandising solutions and innovative counter systems, including the Flexeserve® Intelligent Chassis with its modular interchangeable units and the Flexeserve Zone®.

The consultation process starts with an initial meeting at the Foodservice Innovation Centre and is followed up by site visits to assess the client’s existing business operation and the specific equipment used.

The team will then review the client’s food concepts and ideas, advise on menu development, sourcing ingredients and products, legislation, processing techniques, packaging solutions and carry out sensory taste tests with food cooked in different ways to evaluate the results.

An essential part of the development process is testing and validation of food products and processes. Data monitoring systems are used to provide detailed analysis of hot holding results and to ensure products meet legislative demands. The team also provides additional training and develops innovative solutions to fulfil individual client needs.

Clients ultimately benefit from the unique Nuttall service with a more efficient operation, overall reduction in food waste, improvement of food quality, increased product shelf life and product availability and stronger sales as a direct result.

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